tramadol for dogsYes, giving Tramadol medication for dogs is safe only when your doctor prescribes it. If you are the one who decides to give this pain relief pills to your dog then it is not safe at all. Mostly, this drug is not given to dogs if it is not very important to take it. Tramadol can be given post-surgery. Always remember that, it is not a joke to take Tramadol pills. So, visit a veterinary doctor and consult him.

How to give pills safely for dogs?

It is important to give the dose that is instructed by the doctor. In general, the dose would be 0.5mg for every pound. It should be given every twelve hours. If the dog is suffering from cancer then the medication has to be given every six hours.

It is essential that you should not change the timing. In case, if you forgot to give a pill to your dog and you remembered it later then check the next dose timing. If it is closer to that then avoid giving the missed dose.

This is because, giving both these doses together would cause drug overdose and causes various effects in a dog.

Always check for the symptoms in them. If you find any difference in their behaviour, notify the vet doctor immediately.

To be safe while on the treatment, it is a must to inform the health care professional about the history of seizures. Also tell them the drugs that your dog is taking currently.

Usually Tramadol pills are to be taken only for a shorter period hence your medico would advise you to give it to your dog for few weeks. Stick to the course period and do not exceed it in any circumstances.

Even the therapy should not be stopped suddenly. It is a must that you taper the drug from your body. Your healthcare professional would slowly decrease the dosage strength and tell you how to halt it.

What mishaps might occur while on Tramadol treatment?

There are chances that your dog is allergic to the active ingredient in the medication. After you give the first dose, it is essential to carefully monitor for any negative signs in them. There are chances that your dog spills the pill somewhere else. So, you have to make sure that, it has surely swallowed the medication without breaking or chewing it. Keep the blister pack away from the dogs so that they do not consume it.

Some dogs have developed tolerance towards the pills later leading to addiction. It is wise to avoid these mishaps while on the treatment just by being little cautious.

How to know that the Tramadol pills are working effectively in a dog?

If this pain relief medication works properly, then your dog would sleep properly. It would not simply bark or move around or be restlessness. Generally, dogs do not react until the pain is very extreme so you can know with this whether Tramadol is effective on them or not.