Is Tramadol a Narcotic?

Tramadol NarcoticThough there are has been the heap of information being released on the beneficial effects of Tramadol, there are still a lot of people out there who do not know about it. Many want to know if Tramadol is a narcotic. Tramadol is a very effective pain relieving medication. It can treat any sort of body pain effectively whether the pain is mild or severe. Many patients have been taking it in a large amount for treating their pain. If you are yearning to know more about it and if it’s a narcotic or not, then do read this blog.

Is Tramadol a narcotic or it is not?

Even after the huge consumption of Tramadol by many people all over the globe, there is still a question whether tramadol is a narcotic. This question arises due to the effects this medicine produces. When a person is being treated for the pain he is enduring that is caused either due to injury, illness or due to post-surgical experience, it acts much like a morphine, oxycodone or hydrocodone. While some people claim their experience to be euphoric yet they also claim that the drug does reduce pain or alleviates it all together.

As many people might know that true opiates like morphine and hydrocodone are highly addictive substances as they contain narcotic components in them. In contrast, Tramadol is not a narcotic medicine even though it produces the effects that are similar to narcotic meds. This is the predominant reason to why many people still question the classification of this pain medication whether it is a narcotic or not.

The effects that Tramadol produces

Though Tramadol is not a narcotic substance, it still produces the effect that people like. Because of this soothing effect, many people have started to abuse this medicine. For instance, if Tramadol is taken when a person does not have any pain, then he/ she might get a feeling of high whereas when this drug is prescribed for treating pain, then the patient might not feel high as the med instead acts in treating the pain. If Tramadol was taken in the same way as that of heroin by snorting, crushing it or as a shot, then the person would experience an incredible high.

Withdrawal symptoms and narcotic effects

Tramadol can still be addictive like the other drugs, though it is not a narcotic. When a person takes Tramadol for a longer time, they gradually begin to develop tolerance to it as they need a higher dose in order to do away with the pain. Tramadol is, in fact, a more complex drug than one would actually know. The withdrawal symptoms that it produces can though be controlled; it is not a narcotic substance. Yet, those who are prescribed with Tramadol have to take it with utmost care.