Options for Tramadol Dosage

Tramadol DosageTramadol is a pain relieving medication which has the dosage strengths like 50mg and 100mg.  These options are available to the people because no two persons would suffer from the same level of pain.

How does the doctor analyze the appropriate dosage strength for the person?

There are so many factors that have to be considered while selecting the dosage strength of Tramadol. First, the medico would check the severity of the pain, history of medical illness, current health condition, addiction to drugs, use of alcohol and much more. Only after examining all these factors a doctor would find out the best dosage for the person.

Apart from these, a healthcare professional would also analyze the potential health risks and the benefits. If the positive effects that Tramadol produces on the person are more compared to the health risks then there is the higher chance for them to prescribe this pain relieving medication.

If the patient suffers from less severity then Tramadol 50mg would be prescribed and if the severity is much higher then, 100mg would be selected. However, there are also chances for the medico to prescribe the medication with the dosage strength of 25mg and at the later point of time; they would increase it slowly and steadily after analyzing the body’s response. If the patient is feeling good effects with the lower dosage then they would not increase it further.

Can you increase the dosage strength of Tramadol on your own?

No, you are not supposed to decide what dosage strength you should take. Deciding the Tramadol dose on your own is very much risky. Not only increasing, you should also not double or decrease the dosage strength without the advice of a physician. Always remember that doing this would only cause withdrawal symptoms in the person.

What would be the suitable dosage strength of Tramadol for pregnant women?

Generally, it is not recommended to take Tramadol medication when a woman is pregnant or lactating. There are chances for the active ingredients in the drug to pass on to the child or the fetus and later they would get affected by withdrawal symptoms.

Talk about these issues with the medical specialist. They would analyze it in a better way. There are certain cases in which Tramadol is prescribed to be taken for these women only when the doctor believes that the medication can provide better benefits compared to its risks. You have to start taking the pills only after consultation to stay at a safer phase.

Can you share the dosage strength of Tramadol with another person?

Though you and the person are known to you are taking the same Tramadol medication, it is not good to share the pills. There are also possibilities that you would be taking higher dosage strengths and the other one would be taking the lower doses. So, if you provide Tramadol pills in this case then it means that you are putting the health of the person at risk.

Can you stop taking the dose of Tramadol immediately?

There is a procedure to stop taking the dosage strength of Tramadol. It is important to lower the doses and then after few days, you need to stop administering it. Your doctor would guide you on how to do it so no need to worry.