The truth of Tramadol abuse – Advice by Stonebwoy to Ghanaian’s

stonebwoy about tramadol abuseThe well-known dancehall artist Stonebwoy, whose real-life name was known as Livingstone Etse Satekla, has made a passionate appeal towards the habit of illicit drugs. One such interview of him on the FM Accra- based Hitz, while on speaking about the Daybreak he lamented that it was weird and difficult to figure out why people were abusing Tramadol and getting high to improve their passion. Also, he pointed that the drugs such as Tramadol, Codeine, and others were in the high range of use.

While speaking about the drug Tramadol he added that it was a drug and hence those who believed that it will get them euphoric effect should conceal themselves from using it as using and abusing this Tramadol med will lead to the deadly consequences.

Following this many such professional has advised them to get rid of this habit of drug abuse. One such singer is People Dey he went on advising his colleagues in his industry. He insists that the professional music is a most powerful and divine thing which could influence most people, hence using drugs for music will drive more people to use and abuse some hard drugs available as Tramadol.

The Hero hitmaker implies that the habit of abuse is always dangerous this was conveyed by him as even if you abuse water it will be dangerous and so as this is a medicine like Tramadol which has huge more effect on you. Hence I stand by the side to insist and stop the habit of abusing drugs to improve the euphoric feeling.

The artist Stonebwoy shared his picture before few days in a survey who underwent a survey of motivating people and encouraging them not to give up or get back in life.

His dancehall colleague Shatta Wale, went the fiercest rival on it and that dancehall act of him has reached the fame and has gained a large number of followers.

His work of dancehall act and the spreading of good seed of against Tramadol abuse was continued in his act. Yet he continued his profession in an outstanding way by standing away from the kind of drugs and advising others not to stick onto the habit of Tramadol addiction.

He advised the Ghanaian youth from taking the illicit drugs. As this can greatly influence people attitude once people addicted to this habit will suffer much and will get too much of physical and mental dependence of Tramadol to continue their work in a better way.

Hence the artist insists in a strong voice that the Ghanaians should get rid of using such illicit way of taking Tramadol as this may have the direct impact on themselves and on the listeners.

Such drugs like Tramadol need not be taken in the single aid of creating hype hence taking this drugs will be like destroying our own lives. Thus he pleaded his colleagues and another artist not to take this Tramadol for getting the high feel.