Why Ghana showing a red flag to Tramadol? and what is a recent action they took against Tramadol?

Following the consequence of Ghana’s fight against Tramadol abuse, the FDA generals and the CEO of FDA Delese Mimi Darko says that the drug such as Tramadol and other similar drugs when abused will cause several bad consequences which may even lead to death.

While on the interview she adds that as they are taking the effort to prove that this medication is not abused it is also necessary to open up the side effect and the negative impact of the medication on people when abused or overused. Hence this negative possible side of the drug should also be lightened to the users. As all these drugs will be more dangerous and will affect the brain similarly.

Following all this, the country’s drug and food regulatory body was assigned a new task of completely banning the abuse of unapproved drugs. Hence the narcotic painkiller and the Opioid medication Tramadol is also one among them hence the drug is smuggled illicitly into the country.

This incident has emerged as the great national intervention because of the huge number of abuse of such illicit drugs among the youth in the most part of the country.

The abuse of Tramadol and the unapproved usage of Tramadol by the perpetrators has reported several incidents such as addiction, youth vandalism, car accidents, violence, armed robbery and so on.

Olivia Agyekumwaa Boateng was the Head of the Tobacco and Substances Abuse Department of FDA. They have disclosed this Tramadol as a prescription medication for the people suffering from moderate to severe pain. Also, the medications having the preparations of Tramadol will also be classified under prescription only medication (POM). The FDA approved dosage strength level of Tramadol is 50mg and 100mg in tablets and capsules and the injection 50mg/ml-2ml is approved in Ghana.

The reason behind the high dose intake of Tramadol was due to other reasons as per the educational campaign report of FDA. The manual workers will take this for getting the euphoric effect in them. This effect will help people to stay awake for a longer period of time such as while driving, burning exam nights, this medication will help them get the drift to deep restful sleep easily.

When this medication is not taken as prescribed they will be harmful outweighing the benefits of Tramadol.

The trend of Tramadol abuse

This issue of Tramadol abuse has heated up in the year 2016, the Intelligence has gathered scattering incidences across Ghana. This rapid response to this medication has caused the FDA to conduct series of raids in certain regions of the country.

While on this different unregistered high dosages of Tramadol strengths have been discovered. This discovery has created the need for the regular intervention of restricting Tramadol till now.

As buying a controlled medication, this Tramadol can be bought only under authorization. Mrs. Boateng has explained that till 2016 interventions the Tramadol abuse has been marked as a lull. And the same was reported in the year 2017 which was observed again. There the raids were undertaken again and the unapproved Tramadol strengths were seized.

She says that the mixing Tramadol with energy drinks, alcohol, marijuana is the latest trend of using it. At the end of 2017, the UNODC has issued a warning against the abuse and nonmedical use of this medication. This has a wide connection with the terrorism and transnational organized crime.

The rise in the usage of Tramadol in that region has been worrying and needs the immediate action of control. Hence this situation can’t be let go out of control yet further.

Taking this Tramadol along with other medication may cause harm and will lead to the adverse effect of this medication. And the combined use of Tramadol with alcohol will be more harmful and can be fatal and life-threatening.

She explains that both this Tramadol and alcohol acts as a CNS depressants hence the combined use of this will cause slowing down of the brain’s activity. This ma also causes confusion, loss of consciousness, decreased breath, renal dysfunction, increased suicidal thoughts. Apart from this common issues lot other consequential effects are reported.

Impotence, sexual problems, missed menstrual cycle, infertility, loss of interest in having sex, convulsions, feeling nervous and anxious, itching, sweating, flushing, feeling of tingling, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, tired feeling, noisy or shallow breathing.

The FDA says that the effect was not only on the individual but it also influences the society. The abuse of the prescription-only medication will affect the medical industry and the government. The drug abuse will cause labor to do some illegal activities and will decrease the productivity his regular productivity.